Why Siesta Vacation?

Why consider one of these 6 units?

Located directly on the beach at Siesta Key, Sarasota FL in the Sea Shell Condominium

1. You can trust these photos.  For real!  Each unit has been completely remodeled and has new furniture, remodeled kitchens, walk-in tile showers, LCD TV’s, DVD’s in bedrooms and more.  There is none of the misrepresentation that is commonplace with over 80% of the units you see advertised.  The photos are current. People love our condos. They are THE NICEST you will find in our building and on the entire beach.

2. They are tastefully decorated in a style we call Urban Beach Meets Tommy Bahama. Tans and greens, leather furniture, slate, tile floors.  No ugly yucky green carpeting from the 70’s. New kitchens, tile walk in showers, and more.

3. We use the on-site rental office for your protection and assistance and peace of mind. This is REALLY IMPORTANT. Rather than relying on a lockbox from an out-of-state-owner hanging on a door that may or may not have a key when you arrive, or some realtor 3 blocks away, you can pick up keys from a real live person in the office.  For after hours arrival, a complete package awaits you in the lockbox right on site.

4. The on-site staff will be there to help you if something goes wrong in the unit or you have some emergency, lock yourself out etc.  In contrast, your vacation can be ruined when using a non-onsite managed unit because there is no one to help you should you have a problem such as a plumbing, electrical or mechanical. What do you do if you lock yourself out and no one is around to help?  What if an A/C unit would break?  This happens.  “…I thought you had the keys (honey?)…I thought you did….I think they are all inside….whoops…”

5. Many units offered for rental on VRBO are there because they do not meet the quality standards of the on-site rental program.  This is the same reason that a hotel that was formerly a Mariott is now a Best Western, because the owner did not wish to make necessary upgrades to meet quality standards.  Often these units do not obtain very many rentals and sometimes rent for less (sometimes more) than our (6) on-site managed quality units. Beware– as you will get what you pay for.  If it is a super great deal–what is the reason?  Savvy travelers know there is good value such as with Siesta Vacation, but there is no free lunch in the world.  We hear it all the time….”Well, they said it was nice and it looked good on the Internet and they offered a little cheaper rate.”

6. Best location on the beach. You are just across the drawbridge and can get on and off  the island in minutes instead of waiting through 5 traffic light changes.  There is a grocery store, drugstore, kayak, boat and bike rentals across the street, the Sneaky Tiki Bar, Capt Curt’s restaurant, plus 10 other restaurants within 1 block.  If you want to have some drinks and listen to music or karaoke at night–go for it–you don’t have to drive!  And, no matter which or our 6 units you rent, you are directly on the beach. No shoes required. The “Point of Rocks” is just 200 yards to the south where there is a shallow coral reef for snorkeling and fishing.  The island is the narrowest at our location which means we are the CLOSEST condo to the water. In most larger complexes that claim they are “ocean front”, you still need to walk 5-8 minutes through hot black parking lots to get to the sand.  At SeaShell–even in the units towards the back in our building. you are still just a “1 minute walk and no shoes required”. You are closer to the sand and water than most any other condo on the on the island. A quick look using Google Earth will show you this.

What’s the view?

Don’t get hung up on the “view” when booking a unit.  Really.  Truth of the matter is– it makes little difference once you are at the beach as very little time is spent outside on a balcony. When it is hot, few use the balcony as they are either inside in air conditioning or on the beach in a swimsuit.   You can always sit outside and have a cup a coffee on the balcony of any unit.  The view varies between units….. 202, 304 or 402 have great views of the gulf.  But if you are going to spend time on the beach or under a tiki hut reading (which is the reason you came down) or are more active, or have kids, you will enjoy the convenience of Units 107 and 108. These are very popular because you can park right underneath and walk up a short flight of stairs if you don’t want to wait on the elevator.  Many families prefer the lower level for safety. Unit 508 is up high on the top floor and has a great view of the island, side view of the gulf.  The important thing is—you will enjoy your vacation 10X more if you stay in a newly remodeled unit that has all the creature comforts you expect for 98% of your condo time, rather than staying in a crappy place with a different view that you might use less than 2% of the time.  Everyone loves our sunsets–they are the best–and everyone watches them from down on the beach—and then after sunset—you can’t see anything because it is a black hole!  You can’t go wrong if you select any of our 6 units. They are not only the nicest in the Sea Shell building but some of the nicest on Siesta Key.